In the world of microelectronics, precision and efficiency are paramount. Companies like the renowned Flemish institute imec strive to push the boundaries of technology. However, their manual workflow for requesting qualification or ad-hoc control measurements in controlled environments like cleanrooms posed significant challenges.

Redefining imec’s Sensor Measurement Workflow

That's when Coretecs, a company specializing in industry 4.0 solutions, stepped in. Coretecs transformed imec's laborious manual processes into a highly efficient workflow by combining low-code application & dashboarding with a custom hardware solution designed by their E&I (Electrical and Instrumentation) department. This system not only saves precious time for technical experts but also enables real-time transmission of sensor data, even in environments where quick access is impossible.

The Challenge

Imec's previous workflow relied on ad-hoc methods such as sending emails and transferring data files via USB sticks. This fragmented process made it cumbersome to manage sensor measurements effectively. Additionally, the measurement equipment was not designed for wireless transfer, making it difficult to modernize the workflow. As some measurements took days in environments where quick access was difficult, there was an urgent need for a streamlined solution that would optimize productivity and accuracy.

“Coretec's solution covered everything from E&I hardware to an extendable data platform and a user friendly interface. We can now effortlessly follow up on measurements from behind our PC screens, saving us valuable time and effort.”
- Eros Billen, Facilities assistant at imec

The Coretecs Solution

Coretecs recognized the need for a transformative solution to redefine imec's qualification measurement workflow. They designed a highly efficient dashboard environment that enables operators to request and access sensor data seamlessly, eliminating the need for manual coordination via emails and USB transfers. With the new system in place, technical experts can effortlessly monitor and analyze sensor data remotely, significantly reducing the time required to finish the job.

To interface with imec's diverse sensor equipment, Coretecs’s E&I team developed a hardware solution from scratch. Understanding the limitations of Wi-Fi access in certain areas of imec's site, Coretecs proactively addressed the challenge by implementing a caching mechanism within their hardware solution. This caching feature enables the system to store sensor data locally in Wi-Fi dead zones, ensuring data integrity and preventing any loss of critical information. Once a connection is re-established, the cached data seamlessly transmits to the dashboard, guaranteeing uninterrupted workflow.

“Coretec’s solution was a game-changer. We moved from a system of stand-alone laptops prone to failure, macro errors and manual data transfer using insecure USB devices to a highly reliable centralized solution.“
- Brecht Herman, Project Lead at imec

Finally, the integration of a touch HMI (Human-Machine Interface) simplifies sensor configuration and assignment, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing usability. Coretecs' E&I solution not only streamlines the qualification measurement process but also saves valuable time for imec's technical experts, allowing them to focus on what really matters.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Streamlined Data Access: Coretecs provides operators with instant and streamlined access to sensor data, eliminating delays and dependencies. Its self-designed E&I solution ensures real-time transmission, even in challenging environments, guaranteeing no data loss. Faster decision-making and efficient operations are enabled through Coretecs' seamless data access and transmission.
  2. User Experience: As part of the E&I installation, Coretecs provided a touch Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solution. This intuitive interface allows operators to easily assign sensors to requested measurements, enhancing usability and minimizing the risk of errors. Measurements are then gathered and displayed in an intuitive dashboard, allowing users to view and filter through data easily.
  3. Time Savings: By eliminating manual coordination and automating data processing, Coretecs' solution saves significant time for technical experts at imec. This newfound efficiency allows them to focus more on building the next generation of microelectronics, driving innovation and progress.


Coretecs' collaboration with imec has resulted in a major transformation of the qualification measurement workflow. By replacing a labor-intensive and error-prone process with a highly efficient dashboard and a self-designed hardware solution, Coretecs has empowered imec's technical experts to work more effectively. The real-time transmission of sensor data, coupled with the user-friendly touch HMI integration, has further improved productivity and accuracy. As a result, imec’s technical experts can now focus on what matters, supporting R&D scientists to  accelerate their research and development efforts in microelectronics, pushing the boundaries of technology to new heights. Coretecs' innovative approach serves as a shining example of how digital solutions can redefine complex workflows and pave the way for progress in various industries.

“By design, Coretec's solution can easily be expanded to incorporate other analysis techniques, ensuring that over time, all relevant tools can be seamlessly incorporated into our technological arsenal.”
- Brecht Herman, Project Lead at imec

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