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Our data & AI service optimises your manufacturing sites to achieve better Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) through superior quality, reduced waste, and minimised downtime.

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Data & AI
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Identify quality deviations

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Reduce waste and usage

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Limit unplanned downtime

Data & AI

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Increasing availability with anomaly detection
We helped our client proactively identify faulty transmitters with anomaly detection in a critical process, stabilising their production and avoiding unplanned downtime.

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We Explore: Our skill in electromechanical concepts lets us analyse your data and identify opportunities. We look at your entire technology stack, making sure our AI solutions are viable and match your strategic objectives, whether they are cloud-based or on-premises.

We Engineer: Our ‘AI for manufacturing’ services span from engineering data historians and pipelines to providing analytics and supporting your solutions with DataOps or MLOps. We focus on four key areas: quality control, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, and process optimisation, all designed to enhance efficiency and control.

We Support: Our proven four-phase approach covers everything from a feasibility study to solution exploration, implementation, and support and maintenance. By putting the people that will use your data infrastructure first, we make sure that it is robust, reliable, and ready for the future.

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Applying Machine Learning and AI might seem tedious, but through proof of concepts and tangible results, we can demonstrate their true power in smart industries.
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Data & AI

Together, we revolutionise manufacturing with digital solutions that are ready for Industry 4.0 and beyond.

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