Team member

Wout Dierickx

Digital OT specialist

Roles and responsibilities

Digital OT Specialist  
Project Lead  

Areas of expertise

(Smart) Automation  
OT, hardware and mechanics  
Integration and connectivity  
Project management  


Wout has a degree in industrial engineering (electromechanical engineering) and has experience in industrial and process automation in the petrochemical industry. Wout is calm, enjoys tactical play, knows where his strengths lie and how to keep a close eye on things. In other words: an excellent project lead.


With both a mother, a father and a sibling in engineering and/or IT, it was not too far-fetched for Wout to venture into this world himself. He obtained his degree in electromechanical engineering in Leuven and has always been into 'anything technical'. His master's thesis got him interested in software, but he remains most passionate about mechanics.  

After four years of industrial coding and learning about hardware and connectivity in the petrochemical sector, he started looking for a new job. When Jurgen contacted him and the opportunity arose to join Coretecs, he did not hesitate for long. The fact that the team here knows all about automation and integration really appealed to him.  

Wout already has some experience in managing projects and leading a team. That is why he is starting at Coretecs as Project Lead. He will ensure that the integration between different parties happens correctly and on time. His greatest strength? He keeps a good overview of all the systems working together and knows his stuff, from mechanics to software and back.  

To blow off steam after work, Wout goes to the gym to fitness. Or he goes out to play padel. Or he stays in, to game a bit. As long as it involves some form of sport and play, it’s fine by Wout.