Team member

Adrien Bousez

Managing Partner

Roles and responsibilities

Co-founder and managing partner
HR and operations
Project management

Areas of expertise

Smart automation
Industry 4.0 and digital transformation
Business process improvement
Change management


Adrien is a true advocate for change and improvement in business processes, both on the technological and human fronts. His interests are as diverse as his roles, has an entrepreneurial mindset, and likes to take the time to do things right.


After concluding his industrial engineering studies with remarkable success, Adrien started out as an automation project engineer. His thirst for experience led him to explore different functions across various industries, gaining a wealth of knowledge along the way.

A pivotal moment came when he joined imec, where he took on projects aimed at optimizing installations. Here, he delved into stakeholder management and technology and learned how to navigate complex landscapes. Adrien's career path then led him to business development and sales, where he set up his own team.  

However, the onset of the pandemic and the responsibilities of fatherhood prompted a rethink. Adrien sought a better work-life balance and found his place back at imec in a consulting role. Here, he influenced departmental operations and supported his colleagues.

It was during this phase that Adrien reunited with Mathias and Jurgen, fellow freelancers with whom he had collaborated on earlier projects. The trio shared a common vision, where they could truly make a difference for their clients as well as for their employees. This drive led to the birth of Coretecs, where Adrien feels at home. Collaborating as managing partners allows them to share the workload, supporting a healthy work-life balance.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Adrien is an early adopter, diving into various Kickstarter projects and experimenting with gadgets. He's an avid runner and an enthusiast of both sci-fi and non-fiction literature.