Team member

Arno Van Eetvelde

AI & software Engineer

Roles and responsibilities

AI & Software Engineer
Data, software, AI, low code

Areas of expertise

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Low Code (Power Platform)


Arno brings strong problem-solving thinking to the table, as well as a few ringing diplomas, like an advanced master’s degree in AI. He loves working with AI and knows all about low coding with Power Platform. Arno is tenacious and, what we call, a man with a plan.


Ever since he was a kid, Arno was completely fascinated by technology. His parents sent him to computer camp and multiple teachers encouraged him to pursue a study, and ultimately a career, in technology. Little Arno developed games, got into industrial sciences and slowly yet very determinedly went to college.

Once there, he flew through the courses and quickly obtained his bachelor's and master's degree in industrial engineering. They were soon followed by an Advanced Master’s Degree in AI. Afterwards, Arno didn’t even take a beat but immediately went on the hunt for a job in AI.  

When asked about his ideal project, his face lights up. Arno wouldn’t like anything better than being allowed to dig deep into a client’s AI-related question. He loves putting his knowledge to the test and developing and researching, preferably to automate processes and make the industry smarter. Our type of guy.

In his spare time, Arno likes to play some competitive table tennis, as well as padel. In addition, he frequents the gym and enjoys working on personal software projects. As you can probably imagine, he rarely sits still.