Team member

Bert Drijkoningen

Digital OT Specialist

Roles and responsibilities

Digital OT specialist
Project management

Areas of expertise

Smart automation
PLC and DCS engineering
Industrial connectivity  


Bert thrives in high-pressure situations and is always ready to go that extra mile to meet deadlines. He has a thirst for knowledge, and he's a true polymath who loves diving into innovative technologies and platforms. 


Bert's journey into the world of automation was a logical choice, driven by a fascination with how factories operate. His education took him from high school with a penchant for programs like "How It's Made" to a professional bachelor's degree and, eventually, a master's in industrial engineering with a focus on automation.

Early in his career, Bert honed his skills as a PLC and DCS engineer, working on intricate projects that demanded precision and expertise. This led him to Yokogawa, where he crossed paths with Jurgen and Mathias, sowing the seeds of future collaborations. Bert also contributed to various projects at imec, where he had the opportunity to connect with Adrien.

However, Bert's appetite for growth didn't stop at engineering. He sought new opportunities to diversify his skill set. When he heard about Coretecs and its mission, it clicked instantly. Joining us from the start, Bert found the variety he craved. His role expanded to include PLCNext, Yokogawa, Ignition SCADA, and project management. He now thrives in directing teams, procuring materials, and ensuring projects run seamlessly.

In his free time, Bert enjoys exploring his creative side with a 3D printer and cherishes moments spent with his son.