Team member

Joren Demarsin

Project Engineer

Roles and responsibilities

Project Engineer E&I

Areas of expertise

E&I Engineering


Joren thrives on tackling challenges head-on and is all about achieving tangible results. He's not just a computer person; he enjoys getting hands-on with manual work.


When he started studying engineering, Joren felt a clear preference for hands-on work. In high school, he pursued electromechanics because he wanted to engage with the physical aspects of technology. Later, he transitioned to industrial engineering, drawn by the broad possibilities it offered.

Joren began his career at an engineering consultancy firm. He took on projects at imec, where he worked on intricate AutoCAD designs for chemical piping and EPLAN designs. These experiences highlighted his eye for detail and his ability to navigate complex engineering challenges. It was during this time that Wouter reached out to him, expressing a vision to launch an E&I team.  

The conversation quickly revealed that they shared an entrepreneurial mindset. In Coretecs, Joren saw an opportunity to join a startup where he could make a difference from day one. He especially liked getting the freedom to experiment and innovate and appreciated Wouter’s genuine willingness to listen to ideas instead of handing out rigidly defined responsibilities.

In his spare time, Joren is a football enthusiast and a loyal supporter of Club Brugge.