Team member

Leonard Van Vlierberghe

AI & software Engineer

Roles and responsibilities

AI & Software Engineer
Data, software, AI, low code

Areas of expertise

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Low Code (Mendix)


Leonard is a calm and collected young graduate with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in industrial engineering as well as an advanced master’s degree in AI. He always keeps his options open and isn’t afraid to dig deep and explore.


Leonard’s father is a civil engineer. Something that spurred Leonard to try this course himself. However, he soon discovered that he’d be happier in industrial engineering instead. Leonard wanted to know and understand how a fridge works, for instance, not just study abstract theories. Combine all this with some deeper knowledge about AI and Leonard is delighted.

After graduating, he took some time to look for a job that really suited him. Three aspects were important to him: consultancy, working in a start-up environment, and AI. When Arno, (now co-colleague and) a former classmate at university, told him about Coretecs, Leonard was quickly convinced to get on board too.

Leonard keeps his interests broad. He’s currently completely into Mendix and wouldn’t mind learning more about programming languages and coding. As long as his days are varied and he gets to try new things and stay in charge of his career, all is well for Leonard. AI is still his greatest passion, though.

When he's not at Coretecs, Leonard (we all call him Leo, by the way) likes to play chess or go gliding. He’s been doing the latter since he was 16 years old, so it’s safe to call him a pro by now!