Team member

Mateo Duren

AI & software engineer

Roles and responsibilities

Industrial Software Engineer 
Data and AI 

Areas of expertise

Software and implementation 
Smart automation 
Data analysis
Artificial Intelligence
Low Code


Mateo combines an engineering background with a master’s degree in AI and a down-to-earth perspective. He enjoys working with neural networks and believes everything can be automated. Whether it should be is another matter. 


Mateo studied industrial engineering (electromechanics) and obtained a master's degree in AI. Although he is only 25 years old, he exudes a maturity beyond his age. He is serious about how to tackle problems and processes and always reverts to the same pattern of thinking. For him, the four major phases in his work are understanding the question, analysing the problem, creating a solution and implementing it.  

He is highly motivated and passionate about his work. According to Mateo, to be part of Coretecs, you have to be. It is not enough to just 'show up for work' without wanting to delve into data and complex problems or to really want to automate and optimise processes. 

If you ask him what kind of projects he likes to work on, you might get the example of 'Dino Biscuits' (a kind of cookie that is famous in Belgium). Instead of a manual worker picking out different shapes of biscuits to put in a package, the process is automated. Based on image recognition, a robotic arm now chooses three different shapes. This way, children opening their packages are more likely to unwrap three different types of dinosaur cookies instead of three of the same. As a food lover, Mateo approves. 

In summer, Mateo likes wakeboarding and windsurfing. But when there is snow, he is always up for freestyle skiing. A real athlete!