Team member

Nick Remouchamps

Digital OT Specialist

Roles and responsibilities

Team lead Data and Artificial Intelligence

Areas of expertise

Smart automation
Data analysis
Artificial Intelligence


Nick is the kind of person who thrives on thinking outside the box, and his approach to clients is all about flexibility and collaboration. His aim? To go beyond functional implementations and deliver work he can truly be proud of.


Starting as an industrial engineer specialising in automation, Nick decided to venture out for international experience and a deeper dive into his passion. His journey led him to London, where he enrolled at Kings College. This renowned institution appealed to him because they offered a Master of Science in Robotics, with a strong focus on AI and research.

During his studies, Nick delved into the exciting world of AI, mastering training algorithms and crafting adaptable models that could handle diverse data inputs. His background in electromechanics brought a valuable perspective to his work. For his thesis, he tackled the intricacies of chemical manufacturing processes, using his analytical skills to uncover ways to enhance product quality assurance through predictive models.

Nick kicked off his professional journey in the world of discrete automation for warehouses, honing his practical skills in implementing automation solutions. However, his true passion for data and artificial intelligence found its home at Coretecs. He began with automation projects and has since evolved into a key figure in our mission to transform client systems, all in the spirit of data-driven decision-making.

In his free time, Nick explores exciting projects, like tinkering with a robot arm controlled by Arduino. He's always up for experimenting with innovative technologies and programming languages.