Team member

Simon De la Marche

Project Engineer

Roles and responsibilities

Project Engineer E&I

Areas of expertise

PLC and DCS engineering


Simon is a detail-oriented and rule-abiding project engineer who believes in getting the job done right without shortcuts. He is an autodidact who thrives on learning new subjects and digging into the intricacies. 


Simon's career began with a professional bachelor's degree in energy technology. This led him to a career filled with diverse landscapes, from the bustling Antwerp Port and its large chemical enterprises to imec and its nanoelectronics research hub. It was there that he crossed paths with familiar faces Adrien and Jurgen.  

After noticing that certain aspects of designing electrical schemes can become repetitive, he started exploring how to make these processes more intelligent through scripting and automation, ensuring that every detail is accounted for.

Simon serves as a bridge between IT, OT, and E&I hardware, and loves engaging with multiple disciplines while learning on the job. He doesn't just focus on the code; he delves deep into understanding what drives both sides of the equation.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Simon has a passion for analogue photography. He enjoys the thrill of buying second-hand cameras and restoring them to their former glory. As soon as he purchases something, he immediately takes it apart to understand how it works.