Team member

Wouter Van De Wiele

Team Leader E&I

Roles and responsibilities

Team Lead E&I
Sales, Recruitment and Operations 

Areas of expertise

Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) hardware engineering
High-voltage and low-voltage 
Project management  


Wouter is known for his honest, transparent communication style and stress resistance. He values partnerships and collaboration.  


Wouter's passion for E&I started with an interest in electricity during high school. This led him to a specialisation as an industrial maintenance technician. Wouter honed his skills through a career in the field, gaining invaluable hands-on experience. However, his aspirations extended beyond the practical aspects of the job, which made him decide to continue his graduate in electrical engineering.  

Throughout his career, Wouter has had a diverse range of responsibilities, spanning from tech lead positions to leadership roles encompassing client communication and project management. Guiding and mentoring people became a significant source of satisfaction for him.

Seeking a fresh direction, Wouter joined a global company that allowed him to travel and expand his horizons. It was during this phase that Jurgen and Adrien, familiar faces from imec, approached him with an enticing opportunity to set up an E&I department at Coretecs. Unable to resist this challenge, Wouter proposed forming a team with Joren and Simon, collaborators from his previous job.

Today, Wouter serves as a project manager, and wears multiple hats, including sales, recruitment, and operational tasks. He thrives on staying connected to the technical aspects of a project while maintaining an overview of the broader operational landscape.

Outside of his professional life, Wouter likes to disconnect from technology, meet with friends, and go on adventurous hiking holidays. He also has a passion for skiing and snowboarding.